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Department of Energy

Philippines’ power reserves seen as critically low

The Philippines' power supplies are now “critically low” and the lack of “energy security” could discourage new investors and dampen jobs creation in the...
Philippines: Oil found on Cebu island

Australian oil company Gas2Grid reported that it has discovered oil onshore Cebu in the Malolos oil field, saying that reserves could be 4 million...
Philippine growth too much to power?

The Philippines’ national energy plan will have to be rethought if the country continues to maintain its current clip of economic growth, a high-level...
Philippine green energy tariffs due 2014

In a spur to see half of the Philippines’ energy derive from renewable sources by 2030, the central government has announced that an anticipated...
Philippine energy sector needs $19b

The Philippine energy sector will need $19 billion in fresh investments until 2016 to roll out critical infrastructure projects and various programmes needed to...
Philippines seek green UAE investment

The Philippines hope to woo investors from the UAE for the Southeast Asian country's renewable and clean energy projects, it emerged during a visit...