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digital economy

Vietnam sees Digital India as role model for IT development

Vietnam seeks to deploy India's model for a digital economy in order to boost its own information technology landscape. This will be done through...
Jack Ma becomes digital economy adviser for Malaysia

The founder and executive chairman of China's hugely successful e-commerce corporation Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, has been appointed advisor to the Malaysian government to...
Axiata makes a Foray into the Digital Space

Malaysia-based Axiata Group, one of the largest telecom operators in Asia, recently revealed a record-high 2016 revenue of 21.6 billion ringgit, an 8.5-per cent...
Singapore’s roadmap for economic growth revealed

A top-level advisory panel to the government of Singapore last week proposed a 10-year strategy aimed at ensuring annual economic growth of 2-3 per...
Startups set to spur new economic model for Thailand

Thailand in its aim to embark on a innovation- and smart service-based economic model, dubbed "Thailand 4.0", is now set to boost the number...
Thailand drafts roadmap for “digital economy”

Other countries have their "visions" for the economic future, Thailand uses a borrowed term from the IT sector: The country wants to become "Thailand...
Thailand seeks to become Southeast Asia’s start-up hub

"Thailand 4.0" is the new catchphrase for the Thai government in its aim to groom the country's start-up scene to an extent that Thailand...
Indonesia to Google, Twitter, Facebook: Pay taxes or get blocked

Global Internet giants could have their services blocked or at least their bandwidth reduced in Indonesia if they do not obtain "permanent establishment" status...
Phuket to become Thailand’s first smart city, Chiang Mai to follow

Phuket City, the capital of Phuket province and of the island of the same name, will be turned into an innovation-driven “smart city” this...