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Don Mueang Airport

Thailand tourism arrivals at record high – capsule hotel to open

With more than 29 million tourists arriving in Thailand this year - a new all-time high -, news that the first outspoken capsule hotel...
Thai AirAsia X maiden flight to take off in June

The new long-haul low-fare airline Thai AirAsia X will make its inaugural flight on June 17, launching a daily service between Bangkok and Seoul,...
Gunshots, bombs, clashes in Bangkok (video)video

Pro- and anti-government protesters clashed on February 1 - one day before Thailand's snap elections on Sunday - at around 4pm in Bangkok's Laksi...
Bangkok: Machine gun fire near tourist area

One person died and at least seven were injured by gunfire from a M16 rifle in two separate attacks in the early morning of...
Thoughts on Thailand

Kan Yuenyong, director of Siam Intelligence Unit, speaks out

Since Thai AirAsia moved their Bangkok hub to the city's old Don Mueang Airport on October 1 the airline has been able to better...