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Durian crisis in Malaysia: Prices for the fruit fall as low as to RM1

Durian prices have dropped dramatically in Malaysia due to an oversupply caused by hot weather, vendors say. Reports came in from markets in Kedah...
The land where durian and mangosteen grow

Thailand's southeast is not just home to the country's most developed industry clusters, it is also an agricultural hot spot where exotic fruits and...
Malaysia condom maker launches durian flavour

As part of its latest investment drive after a successful IPO on November 6, Malaysia's Karex, the world's largest condom maker, is launching a...
Malaysian durians cause panic in Australia

A few packs of Malaysian top-notch Musang King and D24 durians being delivered to a lab in Sydney, Australia, have caused a stir after...
Malaysia to lure tourists with durian travel packages

In its quest for ever-new tourism niches, Malaysia Tourism has launched a so-called Deluxe Durian Tour Package for visitors interested in the highly palatable,...
Indonesia fruit import ban hits trade

After Indonesia banned the import of 13 horticultural and agricultural products, including durian, to protect its local market, the regional fruit trade has become...