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Eu Reinstates Import Duties On Rice From Cambodia And Myanmar

The European Commission has reinstated duties on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar for three years after determining that imports were causing economic damage to...
China plans free trade zone in the Golden Triangle

China is looking to establish a free trade zone at the section of the Mekong where the river forms the border between Myanmar and...
EU, Singapore ink free trade and investment pact

Just shortly after a similar deal with Vietnam was settled, the European Union (EU) and Singapore signed free-trade and investment protection agreements in Brussels...
EU-Vietnam trade agreement to eliminate 99% of all tariffs

The European Commission on October 17 adopted the long-planned trade and investment agreements between the European Union (EU) and Vietnam, paving the way for...

On August 13, the United States Commerce Department declared its intention to raise import taxes on shrimp from India, Ecuador, Vietnam, Malaysia and China...