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Ooredoo, Rocket Internet to fund Asian e-commerce start-ups

German incubator Rocket Internet announced that it is partnering with Ooredoo, the main telecom operator in Qatar (formerly known as QTel), in a new...
Lebanese startup goes global

Despite an underdeveloped telecommunication infrastructure compared to its regional peers, Lebanon has managed in the past few years to lay the foundations of a...
Funding competition launched for Mideast start-ups

Jordan-based tech-focused incubator Oasis500 has launches its first global competition and its first activity completely focusing on urbanism, Omraan, a funding competition for startups...
E-Commerce booming in Indonesia, says survey

Up to 76 per cent of Internet users in Indonesia shopped online over the past year and spent $450 annually on average, a survey...
Bolooka e-commerce bringing Philippine artisanal crafts to the world

Southeast Asia has a new e-commerce provider with a unique specialty. Philippines-based Bolooka focuses on providing a global online market for craftworks created by...

Sarawak Information Systems, or SAINS, is overhauling the state's public finance processing. Inside Investor sat down with SAINS CEO Dato Teo Tien Hiong.