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East Timor


Dili, the capital of the fifth-youngest nation on earth, East Timor, is an odd place within Southeast Asia for people used to the hustle...
ASEAN to start talks about admitting East Timor

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will convene a meeting of senior officials next month to discuss admitting East Timor as a member. The...
Indonesia worried about low passport ranking, worse than Timor Leste

Indonesia is looking for reasons why the country is ranked relatively low in an new international survey.  The nation has been ranked 64th on...
East Timor to send maids to Malaysia

Following Indonesia's decision to stop sending female household workers abroad, East Timor says it is ready to let its women work as domestic maids...
Southeast Asia has more than 190 million Internet users

Southeast Asia with a population of around 600 million people has more than 190 million Internet users, Tech in Asia reported. Singapore, as the infographic...
East Timor remains on ASEAN waiting list

Aspiring ASEAN member East Timor appears likely to remain on the outside for at least another year, as Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says...
Southeast Asian nations angry over NSA spying

Southeast Asian governments - together with China - have demanded an explanation from Washington over media reports that US and Australian embassies in the...
Laos forges closer ties with East Timor

Laos and East Timor pledged to draft a number of bilateral and multilateral frameworks during a state visit of East Timor's Prime Minister Xanana...
Another last frontier: Investing in East Timor?

A Southeast Asian country quite off the radar of the international community is East Timor, the former Portuguese colony that got independent from Indonesia...
East Timor Oil Fund Surpasses Oman’s, Bahrain’s

East Timor’s sovereign wealth fund, the Timor-Leste Petroleum Fund, in June 2013 reached a value of $13.6 billion, surpassing funds of oil-rich Gulf states...
Indonesian airline Merpati Nusantara seeks investors

Indonesia's state-owned airline Merpati Nusantara Airlines will sell between 30 and 35 per cent of its shares to domestic or foreign investors. The government...
Philippines, East Timor move closer

The Philippines and the tiny Southeast Asian state of East Timor have signed three agreements on education, infrastructure development and defense following a visit...
The ups and downs of ADB’s past 4 presidents

A Japanese male has traditionally helmed the Asian Development Bank since 1966, bringing into the fold extensive experience from the financial realm – and the newest president of the bank is no different.
Asia-Pacific: PNG, East Timor grew fastest

Papua New Guinea (PNG) and East Timor were the fastest growing economies Asia-Pacific in 2012 due to high-volume resources exports and other factors, the...
East Timor’s oil wealth growing

The state oil fund of East Timor showed a balance of $11.77 billion at the end of 2012, surpassing Oman's and Bahrain's with $9.1...
Expanding ASEAN: Five candidates and their options

ASEAN is playing an increasingly important role as a growth engine for in regional trade and investment. It is no wonder that several neighbouring states are looking into the possibility of joining ASEAN as full-fledged members.
Philippines strengthens ties to East Timor

The Philippines and the small Southeast Asian nation of East Timor are aiming to enhance bilateral relations in the areas of technical cooperation, human...
East Timor aims to join ASEAN

The tiny nation of East Timor has reaffirmed that it is keen to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to accelerate its economic...