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Eastern Seaboard

Investments into Thailand’s industrial east expected to flood in

The Thai government has just approved 168 infrastructure development projects worth a combined $31.4 billion for its flagship Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) scheme. The EEC...
Thailand gives nod to new $5.5b high-speed railway connecting with China

Thailand's military-backed cabinet on July 11 approved the construction of the first phase of a railway line to link the country's industrial eastern seaboard...
Austrian fiber maker to open plant in Thailand

Austrian Lenzing Group is planning to open a facility to produce lyocell fibres in Thailand, the company announced on June 29. Plans are to...
Thailand, China agree on $5.2-billion rail project

Thailand and China agreed a price of 179 billion baht ($5.2 billion) for the 250-kilometer-long first phase of a high-speed railway linking Thailand's Eastern...
Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard to become growth engine

Thailand's economic heartland on its southeastern coast, namely in the provinces Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao, has been designated to become the country's economic growth...
The land where durian and mangosteen grow

Thailand's southeast is not just home to the country's most developed industry clusters, it is also an agricultural hot spot where exotic fruits and...