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Economic policy

Setback for Suu Kyi in Myanmar by-elections

Myanmar's ruling party led by the country's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi lost a constituency it previously held to the military-backed opposition party...
Philippine inflation could rise to 7%, only lagging Myanmar’s in ASEAN

Filipinos are increasingly forced to tighten their belts in the wake of a continued high inflation rate which reached 6.4 per cent in August...
Myanmar business tycoon complains about government’s “neglect of economy”

Serge Pun, one of the richest individuals not only in Myanmar, but all over Southeast Asia, on July 6 criticised the government of Aung...
Over 1 million BPO jobs at stake if US firms say goodbye to Philippines

Economists and senators warned that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's cheeky "goodbye" to the US was not the smartest move in a country where more...
Foreigners drop Thai stocks as patience over junta runs out

Foreign investors are selling Thai stocks at the fastest pace this year as the nation’s military government struggles to deliver on pledges to revive...
Malaysia “running out of tools to tackle a financial crisis”

Malaysia does not have the option of using fiscal instruments to face any future financial crisis, mainly due to its high debt and continuous...
Myanmar warned of rising debt and inflation

Economists forecast that Myanmar will face possible long term debts along with high inflation in the next three years due to an annual budget...
Philippines’ economic freedom ranking improves

The Philippines jumped eight spots to 89th in the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, released by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal...