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Economic sanctions

Malaysia stops imports from North Korea, closes embassy in Pyongyang

Relations between former friends Malaysia and North Korea hit rock bottom in the wake of the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-un’s estranged half-brother at...
US to renew Myanmar sanctions, but make some “changes”

Despite a new democratically-elect government in office in Myanmar, the US plans to renew the bulk of its sanctions against the country upon expiry...
Myanmar-US: Trade agreement signed

Myanmar President Thein Sein has ended his  landmark visit to Washington D.C. on May 21 by securing a trade agreement with the Obama administration...
End of EU sanctions augurs Myanmar rush

Investment and tourists are expected to come in droves following the European Union’s suspension of political and economic sanctions against Myanmar on April 22,...

The European Union has agreed  to suspend most economic sanctions against Myanmar with effect from Monday, April 23, for the period of one year. EU...