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Economic Transformation Programme

A government that delivers

Interview with Dr Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary, Government of Malaysia
Tweetchat: Malaysia’s growth potential questioned

The lower expectations for Malaysia's GDP growth have raised question whether the country would eventually be able to achieve its target of becoming a...
Najib affirms Malaysia’s 2020 development goal

In a speech delivered in Kuala Lumpur on June 11, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Tun Razak affirmed that the country is on track...

Sabah Energy Corporation Sbd has announced it will contribute an estimated RM5 billion to Malaysia’s RM115 billion realized investment target. The company, a state...

As Malaysia strives to meet its Economic Transformation Program (ETP) goals of economic development, namely increasing job creating and gross national income, it has...

If Malaysia’s ambitious Economic Transformation Programme is successful, the country might see an increase in its middle class of up to 3.3 million people...