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Health sector challenges for the new government

A friend from United Kingdom was mocking my friends and me on the eve of our 14th general elections, saying sarcastically that we Malaysians...
Vietnam’s economy in first slowdown in four years

Vietnam's economy expanded an estimated 6.21 per cent this year, slightly less than in 2015 and marking the first slowdown in four years, but...
Thai economy to recover, but slowly

Thailand's sluggish economy is expected to recover from moderate investment activity and continued political uncertainty, but just at a slow pace, according to Moody's...
APEC Summit – Day 1 Highlights

As day one of the APEC summit being held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines wraps up we take a look at some...

Dubai is utilising the best expertise to realise its vision of a smart city that will transform it into a knowledge-based, diversified economy, explains...
President Aquino: For cities to get smart, climate change strategy needed

In a series of interviews with public and private sector officials on the challenges and opportunities for the Philippines in moving towards a smarter...
President Aquino’s lengthy SONA

As long as the problems faced by the Philippines? The level of domestic curiosity and interest on this particular SONA of President Aquino was unprecedented....
Look to ASEAN! Philippines businesses urged

With one eye on the pending ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Samie Lim, the Philippines ‘Champion of Franchising’ urged fellow franchisors to view ASEAN as...