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Economy of Asia

World Bank trims East Asia 2014 growth forecasts

The World Bank trimmed its 2014 growth forecast for developing East Asia but said the region's economies were likely to see steady growth in...
ASEAN markets await crucial Fed decision

ASEAN stocks and currencies were down on September 18 as countries eagerly awaited the decision of the US Federal Reserve to reduce its quantitative...
Philippine stock market reopens, index plunges 6%

The Philippines Stock Exchange reopened on August 22 after after severe floods and a public holiday closed markets this week. As expected, the main index...

The Philippines is forecast to continue on a path of sustained growth, expected to expand 6.2 per cent and 6.4 per cent in 2013...

The World Bank on April 15 scaled back slightly its 2013 growth forecasts for emerging East Asia and warned about possible over-heating in the...

The throbbing exuberance witnessed at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the years since the peak of the global financial crisis created a rally that may have finally been checked, and not a moment too soon.

With the economic boom being seen in the Philippines, nouveau wealth is appearing in the country, boosting the property market. Experts are at strife about the question whether a bubble is in formation.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), after soaring over the 6,600 mark for the first time on February 21, is reaching towards another record the...

The World Bank is projecting optimistic growth rates for ASEAN-5 countries in its latest report "East Asia and Pacific Economic Data Monitor". Due to...

Talks are speeding up between ASEAN member countries and other major Asian economies to establish the so-called Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a regional...

With slowing growth in China and India, all eyes are now on the emerging Southeast Asian economies which are showing resilience not only towards these two large trading partners, but also towards the EU debt crisis.

Indonesia’s lagging 2012 stock performance looks nothing like its stellar 2011 track record yet - but is the country truly on the way down or is it time to take advantage of low valuations? Citigroup sees 15 per cent upside potential for the rest of the year.