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Economy of Brunei

Brunei budget focuses on business environment

Brunei’s 2014/15 budget which came into effect on April 1 has a strong business focus, seeking to promote investment, stimulate and support private sector...
Brunei’s crude oil exports slump 34% in November

Brunei's crude oil exports fell 34 per cent in November 2013 year-on-year, according to latest statistics from the Department of Economic Planning and Development...
Brunei in need for new oil reserves

The government of Brunei Darussalam is working intensively on discovering new oil and gas reserves as the nation is faced with maturing petroluem assets,...
Brunei, looking forward to economic transition

Brunei stood in the limelight this year for holding the chairmanship of ASEAN, and the country has positioned itself well on the diplomatic stage,...
Brunei’s growth will depend on diversification

The United Nation's recently published Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2013 shed an interesting light on GDP growth expectations of...

The latest depreciation of most Southeast Asian currencies did not fail to make its mark on the Brunei dollar. Interestingly, this has nothing to...

The recent visit of Brunei's leader to Japan has been an important step to intensify and promote bilateral economic ties as Japan has entered a new era of consolidating and restructuring its economy.

Agriculture is the next sector the Brunei government has set sights on to transform its oil-dependent economy, a forward-thinking measure that future generations will certainly be thankful for.

Brunei has now embarked on the roll-out of a major tourism masterplan that aims to boost tourism numbers in the Sultanate to a level which would help the industry contribute to a larger extent to the country's GDP..

The Philippines is on the outlook for substantial investments into the country's natural gas sector, with the Department of Energy pursuing talks with natural...

Brunei, with its oil-centered economy, is currently looking for ways to diversify away from hydrocarbon revenues and does so through promoting other industries. Renewable energy could be a sector with high potential.

Brunei's economy is expected to slow down this year due to a contraction in the oil and gas sector, according to the Department of...