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Economy of Laos

Hydropower to boost listings on Lao stock exchange

Foreign investors keen to invest in up to planned 100 hydropower plants in Laos are the main target for newly listed shares on the...
Lao garment industry booming

An expansion of industrial capacity in Laos' garment industry has caused a five per cent increase in export value over the first six months...
Laos outlines investment priorities

In the next financial year the Lao government will allocate 11 per cent of its state investment budget to four priority areas with aims...
Laos in need for 500,000 skilled workers

The Lao government is alarmed about a serious shortage of skilled human resources in the country as it estimated that 500,000 labourers will be...
Laos to sell first international bond

In a bid to tap international capital markets, the communist nation of Laos will sell its first foreign bond to raise around $50 million. The...