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Economy of the Philippines

Philippine jobless rate rises to 7.5%

The Philippines’ unemployment rate rose to 7.5 per cent in April, higher than the 7.1 per cent registered in January and 6.9 per cent...
Philippines: High potential for healthcare BPO

The Philippines has placed a spotlight on its healthcare-oriented business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in an effort to migrate away from non-lucrative voice work, which dominates the service sector.
Filipinos’ remittances to keep positive trend

Remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OWF) remained strong during the first quarter of 2013. The Philippines Central Bank forecasts a solid 5 per cent annual increase in remittances volume for the full year.
Strong peso to hurt Philippine economy

The strengthening of the Philippine peso against the US dollar, in tandem with higher inflation, will be among the factors that could cause the...
Philippine billionaire prepares mega-IPO

John Gokongwei, the fourth richest Filipino and chairman of JG Summit Holdings, one of largest conglomerates in the Philippines, is planning an initial public...
Philippines pressured to reintegrate OFWs

Singapore closing its borders for all but highly specialised expats and the ongoing euro crisis prompting many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to return home...
Indonesian growth in decelerating trend

Indonesia’s economy posted its lowest growth rate during the first quarter of 2013 in over the past two years despite having topped FDI records,...
Philippine bourse breaks record mark

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index pierced the 7,000-mark on April 22 for first time, a surge built on optimism that lower bank deposit...
Philippines mulls sovereign wealth fund

The Philippines would consider deploying its first sovereign wealth fund taking into account the country’s sound fiscal position and deepening foreign exchange reserves, which...
For the Philippine bourse, the correction cometh

The throbbing exuberance witnessed at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the years since the peak of the global financial crisis created a rally that may have finally been checked, and not a moment too soon.
Property market in the Philippines: Too hot or not?

With the economic boom being seen in the Philippines, nouveau wealth is appearing in the country, boosting the property market. Experts are at strife about the question whether a bubble is in formation.
Ayala stokes Philippines’ building boom

Philippines-based Ayala Land, the real estate arm of the Ayala Corporation conglomerate, has announced the opening of four new retail venues amid a greater...
Philippine bourse set to continue climb

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), after soaring over the 6,600 mark for the first time on February 21, is reaching towards another record the...
Philippines: Investment destination of choice

The Philippines is expected to be among the top performers in Southeast Asia for the years to come. Inside Investor talked to Cristino L. Panlilio, outgoing Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary.
Philippine head banker Asia’s best

Amando M. Tetangco, Jr, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines, has been named “Central Banker of the Year for Asia-Pacific” by...
Philippine 2013 GDP forecast raised again

Economic analysts are forecasting a standout year for the Philippines, already home to one of the fasting growing stock markets in the world whose...
Philippines struggle to curb strong peso

The Philippines by the end of the year 2012 have intensified efforts to contain the surge of the country's currency, imposing a ceiling on...
Philippines growing faster than expected

The Philippine economy is expected to grow by more than 6 per cent this year, which is above the country's earlier growth forecast of...