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Laos government vows to ‘produce’ skilled workers

The Laos government is committed to producing skilled workers so they can be employed on projects funded by foreign investors, the country's Minister of...
Thailand ‘stunned’ by poor education ranking

Thailand has been ranked poorly among the ten ASEAN countries for its education system in the recently released Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 by the...
Infographic: US students in East Asia

The graphic shows the distribution of American students in various countries in East Asia
Infographic: Female education in Southeast Asia

Women are still deprived of equal access to education in Southeast Asia, even if compared to other parts of the developing world the education...
Thailand to improve its embarrassing education ranking

The improvement of Thailand's education system, one of the worst in the developed world, stands high on the agenda of the country's new education...
Malaysia bans opening of new universities

In an effort to curb oversupply of educational institutions, Malaysia's government will not allow the setting up of universities, university colleges and colleges for...

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing has built a global brand of creative technology learning institutions that bear his name. He said...

Public expenditure on education in the MENA region has 4.4% higher than the world average of 14.2%, and it doesn’t stop there. The region’s...

Noted economist Professor Florencio Lopez de Silanes says that if Malaysia wishes to become a major player on the international stage, transparency is key. ...