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Electric vehicle

US company powers electric trikes in the Philippines

US company EnerDel has reached a long-term agreement with Philippine GerWeiss Motors Corp. to supply lithium-ion battery packs for motorised three-wheeled vehicles on Boracay...
Philippines: One million electric vehicles by 2020

The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) said that a million electric vehicles could be riding on the streets of the country's urban...
Singapore to deploy self-driving cars (video)video

Singapore will set the standard for self-driving vehicles in Asia once it deploys the first driverless electric vehicle, planned to ply a 2-kilometer route...
Electric vehicles become popular in the Philippines

The Philippines is leading the way on use of electric vehicles, and is positioned to become a huge market for that industry. Last year, the...
Philippine energy sector needs $19b

The Philippine energy sector will need $19 billion in fresh investments until 2016 to roll out critical infrastructure projects and various programmes needed to...
E Trike Philippines ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Philippine government have established a $399-million project to replace the soot-belching tricycles that shuttle residents in Manila and...