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Electric Vehicles

Singapore’s first flying taxis to take off in 2019

Singapore is set to begin test flights with flying taxis in the second half of 2019, the German company behind the technology said in...
Thailand seeks to lure more electric vehicle makers

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) has announced new packages and privileges for electric vehicle companies to establish operations in the Eastern Economic Corridor, a...
Nissan considers Thailand as electric vehicle manufacturing hub

Japanese car maker Nissan, a mass market pioneer for electricity-powered vehicles with its Leaf model, has shortlisted Thailand to host its Asia-Pacific electric vehicle...
Thailand to get charging network for electric vehicles

Pursuant to the international trend to adopt electric mobility, Thailand will see the creation of a network of charging stations for electric and hybrid...
Filipino jeepney drivers protest against phase-out plans for old vehicles

Hundreds of drivers of the Philippines' ubiquitous public transport vehicle, the jeepney, representatives from various private transport organisations and operators joined protests in Manila...
Iconic Philippine Jeepney becomes endangered species

Filipinos are increasingly worried  that a planned phase-out of older Jeepneys could disrupt public transport and bring excessive financial burdens for operators. As per the...
Philippines signs agreement with Japan on e-vehicles project

The Board of Investments (BOI), the industry development and investments promotion arm of the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has signed a Memorandum...