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Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

World’s Biggest Floating Solar Power Farms Planned In Thailand

Thailand plans to build the world's largest floating solar farms to boost the country's share of clean energy, Bloomberg News cited Thepparat Theppitak, a...
Thai junta to ‘clean up’ boards of state-owned companies

A purge of several state enterprise boards is expected to be the next step the coup-makers take following massive transfers of senior state officials...
Thailand: State enterprise workers on strike from May 22

State enterprise labour unions have agreed to a strike of state workers from May 22 to show disapproval of the "Thaksin regime" and those...
Bangkok businesses feel the heat

While most private businesses in Bangkok continued to operate while anti-government protesters began their "shutdown" campaign in several areas of the city on January...
Thailand: 8 million left in the dark

The largest power blackout ever in Thailand's history left 8 million people in 14 southern provinces without energy supply, including the popular tourist spots...
Laos to sell first international bond

In a bid to tap international capital markets, the communist nation of Laos will sell its first foreign bond to raise around $50 million. The...
Mekong River Dam 53

A set of three more dams have been contracted by the Lao government to be built and operated on key tributaries of the Mekong...
RVW Thai Wind

The largest wind farm in Southeast Asia will start operation next month in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima province, with a generation capacity of 103.5 megawatts...
Yangon Power Cables

Electricity-starved Myanmar wants to beef up its dilapidated power grid with investments of $26 billion over the next decade, local media reported. The country currently...