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Laos and China officials sign hydropower deal

Renewable energy authorities in Laos and China signed an agreement to develop hydropower in Laos, news reports said October 11. The deputy head of Laos’...
South Korea grants $200m loan to Cambodia

South Korea will provide Cambodia with $200 million as a loan for road and dam projects, according to the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,...
Thailand: 8 million left in the dark

The largest power blackout ever in Thailand's history left 8 million people in 14 southern provinces without energy supply, including the popular tourist spots...
Myanmar textile exports surpass $1b

Exports of textiles and garment exports from Myanmar have exceeded $1 billion at the end of the country's fiscal year in March, according to...
Sarawak hydropower seeks private funds

The private sector is increasingly playing a pivotal role in the development of hydropower plants, the International Hydropower Association (IHA) has highlighted, with Sarawak...
Investors concerned about Myanmar law

Foreign investors are still wary of what they feel are obscure investment regulations, inadequate infrastructure and the volatility of the local currency in Myanmar,...
Yingluck And Thein Sein

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will lead a delegation to the Dawei industrial complex in southern Myanmar next month, it was announced during a...