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Headquarters of Taiwan's electronics manufacturer Delta Electronics in Thailand A new wave of relocations and regionalisations of production...
Toshiba, Panasonic cease manufacturing in Indonesia

Japanese electronics companies Toshiba and Panasonic ended their manufacturing operations in Indonesia, selling three plants in total in the process which is estimated to...
Singapore economy to expand up to 3.7%

Singapore's economy could expand by up to 3.7 per cent in 2013, according to findings from the latest Business Times-UniSIM Business Climate Survey. This...
Foxconn to start Indonesia operations in 2014

Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group wants to jump-start a new manufacturing operation in Indonesia in 2014, an investment pledge that has been delayed several times.Since...

The city state of Singapore, facing headwinds from weakening exports and lower demand for financial services, has set  its growth forecast for 2012 to...