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Emerging markets

Vietnam to remove foreign ownership cap for listed companies

Vietnam's government is considering lifting the foreign stake holding limit for listed companies from the current 49 to 100 per cent in a bid...
Vietnam seeks emerging market status

Vietnam is building its case for an upgrade to emerging-market status at MSCI Inc. to draw more international investors to a stock market one-tenth...
Philippines listed among 10 ‘hot’ emerging countries

The Philippines is among 10 new emerging economies, according to French credit rating agency Compagnie Francaise d’Assurance pour le Commerce Exterieur (COFACE), citing the...
Indonesia, Cambodia outlook most “positive” for US businesses

One may employ a woeful amount of red tape and have poor political stability, while a strongman has helmed the other since 1985, eroding...
Decker & Co: ASEAN’s New Boutique Broker

Last week the first US-based broker dedicated solely to Southeast Asia opened its doors for business. Decker & Co intends to bring US capital...
Party is over for Philippine stocks

The Philippines Stock Exchange, darling for emerging market investors until recently, saw all its gains of 2013 wiped out by a steep slump of...
High hopes for UAE, Qatar market status upgrade

After five years in a row of missed opportunities, the UAE and Qatar are under consideration for a reclassification from their current frontier market status to that of emerging market, a move deemed overdue by some.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand top spots

Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are among the five most popular investment destinations for multinational companies in Asia, a new survey on investment trends shows....
ASEAN to drive world economy in 2013

ASEAN high-growth countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines will underpin the world's economic growth in 2013, according to a report by...