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Energy economics

Japan assists Cambodia to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The government of Japan on April 11 signed a Low Carbon Growth Partnership agreement with Cambodia, aiming to assist the country to reduce the...
ASEAN’s oil imports to more than double by 2035

Net oil imports to ASEAN countries will more than double by 2035, costing $240 billion at today's prices, to meet strong energy demand growth...
Sustained Philippine GDP boom dependent on manufacturing

As Philippine President Benigno Aquino III preps for his mid-term State of the Nation Address, the grand majority of the archipelagic country, despite breakneck...
Asia majority consumer of energy by 2035

Burgeoning middle classes across Asia have led to greater energy demand that is forecast to continue growing at an unsustainable rate, the Asian Development...

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has forecast "immense stress" on the environment if Asian nations don’t implement green strategies and sustainable energy policies that...