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World’s Biggest Floating Solar Power Farms Planned In Thailand

Thailand plans to build the world's largest floating solar farms to boost the country's share of clean energy, Bloomberg News cited Thepparat Theppitak, a...
New US tariffs sad news for Malaysian solar panel exporters

Malaysia as the largest photovoltaic (PV) exporter to the US internationally with a market share of 30 per cent of PV imports is likely...
Power show: ASEAN’s mega dams

Energy hungry ASEAN countries have embarked on the construction of spectacularly giant hydropower dams to feed their growing economies and industries. This infographic shows...
Philippine growth too much to power?

The Philippines’ national energy plan will have to be rethought if the country continues to maintain its current clip of economic growth, a high-level...
ASEAN: Nuclear power is still far off

The International Atomic Energy Agency foresees that ASEAN members could produce 2 gigawatts by employing nuclear energy by 2020. However, plans so far have been met with discomfort by the public.
Laos dams gain World Bank support

The Laos government can depend on the World Bank to back the country's ambitious hydropower development plans now that that the multilateral institution has...
Sarawak hydropower seeks private funds

The private sector is increasingly playing a pivotal role in the development of hydropower plants, the International Hydropower Association (IHA) has highlighted, with Sarawak...
Drive for green investments in ASEAN

ASEAN countries, in particular Malaysia and Thailand, are rapidly developing projects in the green economy and alternative energy sector. 2012 saw Malaysia on the road...