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Sarawak tribes blockade Baram dam site

Hundreds of tribes people on October 24 blockaded the construction site of the new Baram dam which will force them from their homes in...
Myanmar opens gas pipeline to China

A pipeline pumping natural gas from Myanmar to China has gone fully operational, Chinese media said on October 21. The project, stretching more than...
Malaysia puts nuclear power plans on hold

The Malaysian government will shelve plans to build nuclear power plants despite rising energy needs driven by economic and population growth, the Wall Street...
Is ASEAN willpower finally strong enough to cut subsidies?

In light of recent news, the answer is apparently yes. Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines have finally demonstrated the political will necessary to remove...
Myanmar Oil Gas

About 10 of Myanmar's 18 onshore and 25 offshore blocks will be up for bidding in the near future, the country's energy minister said on...

Centrica and Qatar signed a landmark deal that has the gulf nation delivering £2bn worth of LNG (liquefied natural gas) to the UK Company...