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Singapore tops foreign investors in Myanmar

Singaporean has emerged as the largest foreign investor in Myanmar as companies from the city state have been expanding their investments in sectors such...
Investment in Laos rises 5.1%

The Lao Ministry of Planning and Investment has reported that the value of investment projects in the first 11 months of the fiscal year...
Myanmar and World Bank sign investment agreements

Myanmar October 12 signed agreements with the World Bank designed to give a critical boost to the economic development and growing international economic engagement...
Solar power, a viable alternative for Brunei

Brunei has made the energy sector in Southeast Asia sit up and take notice with its announcement that the oil-rich state will introduce a...
Myanmar seeks to end corruption in its energy sector

Myanmar is expected to begin the process of joining the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) by the end of this year, according to The...
China still center stage in Myanmar

As a no-questions-asked investor, China has been a clever bedfellow with Myanmar, notably the former military junta, a history that skewers sentiment negatively amid...
Myanmar needs $300b to catch up

More than $300 billion needs to be pumped into Myanmar's economy if the country wants to catch up with its infrastructure, housing, power supply,...
Myanmar’s energy sector needs reforms

In the wake of sound domestic growth, Myanmar’s energy sector is firmly catching international attention due to its huge potential. However, the country needs deeper economic reforms to protect investments.
Ethics in Business: A take on business ethics in the US

Datuk Nicholas Zefferys, a prominent figure in Malaysia's business circles, provides his insights on how businesses are conducted and how he evaluates the general role of ethics in business in the US.
Luzon blackout stresses power deficiency

The Philippine capital of Manila and almost half of Luzon experienced a blackout when about five power stations shut down just after sunset on...
Singapore sets up LNG investment firm

Singapore's state investment fund Temasek Holdings has set up a company to invest in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, in the latest move...
Brunei: Chance to take lead in renewable energy efforts

Brunei, with its oil-centered economy, is currently looking for ways to diversify away from hydrocarbon revenues and does so through promoting other industries. Renewable energy could be a sector with high potential.
Japan bashes Philippine investment policy

The Philippines should "do much more" and "push harder" to improve the country’s investment climate as it continues to lag behind neighbours in Asia,...
Mindanao to face higher power prices

Mindanao has warmed up to the reality of having to pay market prices for energy in order to solve the rolling brownouts that plague...
Brunei can tap into regional investment opportunities

As the ASEAN region keeps growing and the attention of the global business community is turning eastwards, Brunei will start to play a more significant role in bilateral investments in the region.

The development of Myanmar’s energy sector will be financed by public and private sector investment, for which the World Bank has promised support. by Ju...
Philippine energy sector needs $19b

The Philippine energy sector will need $19 billion in fresh investments until 2016 to roll out critical infrastructure projects and various programmes needed to...
Thailand to invest in Mozambique

Thailand and the southeast African state of Mozambique are exploring joint investments in energy-related projects and the mineral sector, with Thailand to transfer energy...