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Laos is stepping up efforts for the use of electric vehicles in the country and will be...
Myanmar growth slowing as foreign investment drops

The World Bank has adjusted this year's economic growth forecast for Myanmar to 6.9 per cent from previously 8 per cent. The global lender blames...
Vietnam scraps plans to build nuclear power plants

Vietnam has decided to ditch plans to build two nuclear power plants in its southeastern Ninh Tuan province owing to soaring costs and safety...
Myanmar told to embark on wind energy

Myanmar in its quest to increase power production could adapt renewable energies such as wind energy and at the same time enticing investors in...
US power firm AES plans to invest up to $2b in Philippines

American power firm AES Corp said on June 4 it is planning to invest up to $2 billion to expand its coal-fired power plant...
Solar power, a viable alternative for Brunei

Brunei has made the energy sector in Southeast Asia sit up and take notice with its announcement that the oil-rich state will introduce a...
Thailand: 8 million left in the dark

The largest power blackout ever in Thailand's history left 8 million people in 14 southern provinces without energy supply, including the popular tourist spots...
Asia majority consumer of energy by 2035

Burgeoning middle classes across Asia have led to greater energy demand that is forecast to continue growing at an unsustainable rate, the Asian Development...
Myanmar cuts power for industrial zones

Suffering from sever power undersupply, Myanmar has been forced to start cutting power to the country's industrial zones by 7 hours per day effective...