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Cambodian students have developed and designed a prototype drone from a school chair by adding a structure with eight propellers which is able to...
Elon Musk team sent to Thailand to help boys trapped in cave

The first two members of the engineering team dispatched by US billionaire Elon Musk are due to arrive in Thailand late on July 7...
Thailand, Laos, China to enter talks about high-speed railway

Laos will be joining Thailand and China for talks about connecting the planned regional high-speed train network from Thailand’s northeastern city of Nong Khai...
Thailand gives nod to new $5.5b high-speed railway connecting with China

Thailand's military-backed cabinet on July 11 approved the construction of the first phase of a railway line to link the country's industrial eastern seaboard...
Mapúa: Science, research in the focus

Mapúa Institute of Technology, or simply Mapúa is a research-oriented Filipino tertiary institute located in Intramuros, Manila and in Makati. Investvine asked Dr Reynaldo...