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Environmental disasters

Oil spill leaves Thai island with toxic sea water

The romantic holiday island of Koh Samet has been largely cleaned up from the July 27 oil spill, but the recovered pristine white beach...
Thailand: Oil spill blackens popular tourist beach

A few hours after Thailand's largest oil firm PTT and the Royal Thai Navy "confirmed" on July 29 that the oil spill off the...
Indonesia asks ASEAN for help to tackle fires

Indonesia on June 26 said it "is prepared to accept assistance from ASEAN member countries" to solve the forest fire problem on Sumatra, according...
Singapore, KL get haze respite – Join the discussion

The Pollution Standard Index (PSI) for both Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore on June 26 read levels below hazardous levels for the first time since...
Air pollution disaster: The Blaze Haze Trail

In the past four days, Malaysia and Singapore have been covered with a thick blanket of smog not seen in 16 years. The below...
Haze disaster could cost Singapore $1b

The estimated damage for Singapore from the air pollution disaster caused by Sumatra forest fires could reach $1 billion, according to analysts, in combined...
Singapore gets breath of fresh air

Singapore on June 23 and 24 got some relieve from the hazardous haze originating from forest fires in Sumatra due to favourable wind conditions....
Haze-related sicknesses plague Singapore

“My son just got his first asthma attack in years because of this. Indonesia needs to man up,” a Singaporean citizens outraged on his...
Haze crisis: ‘Singapore behaves like a child’, says Jakarta

Severe haze from raging forest fires on Sumatra island have not only put smog levels in Singapore to hazardous all-time highs but now also...