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Environmental Issue

Climate change growing issue for Philippine tourism

Tourism may be one of the easiest means to achieve inclusive growth in the Philippines, but extreme weather conditions such as typhoon Yolanda threaten...
Norway’s state fund blacklists 2 Malaysian companies

Norway's sovereign wealth fund Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), the world's largest ahead of Saudi Arabia's and Abu Dhabi's with assets of about $760...
Harrison Ford threatened with deportation from Indonesia

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, famous for movie series such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones and a number of great blockbusters, has been accused...
Indonesia and India named world’s biggest shark killers

In July, a European Union-sponsored study found that Indonesia and India kill the most sharks of all countries. The purpose of the study was...
Forest fire haze: Still no effective solution

The suffocating smog that much of Southeast Asia suffered through in June is back. Last week it started to again blanket much of Malaysia,...
Indonesia to sue Malaysian palm oil firm over smog

Following the devastating forest fires in Sumatra that caused havoc in Singapore and Malaysia in June, Indonesian authorities have said they will file charges...
Indonesia says forest fires under control

The Indonesian government said on June 29 that is has greatly brought under control the devastating forest fires in Sumatra that caused hazardous haze...
Singapore tries to see the funny side of haze

Singaporeans, suffering from the city state's worst air pollution, are trying to take it with black humour. Below a few creative reflections of the...
Malaysia declares state of emergency in haze areas

Malaysia declared a state of emergency in two parts of the southern state of Johor on June 23 after air pollution from illegal burning...