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I Ask My Good Angel

A poem by Firoz Abdul Hamid They say trust me, All I see is betrayal of trust, The planet dilapidated; nature wrecked in the name of progress, Livelihoods...
Power play in the media and ethics

Is media a lapdog, watchdog, running dog or simply wagging its tail in a society? A look at the power play in the media -...
Laos loses $150 million to corruption

More than 1.2 trillion Lao kip ($149.40 million) have been misappropriated from 2012 to the present day through corruption, according to a report in...
Brunei’s Shariah law ‘incompatible with human rights’

Brunei’s move to introduce an Islamic penal code under Shariah law, which, among others, allows stoning to death or amputating of limbs for certain...
Corruption worsening in Malaysia, says survey

Malaysian corporate executives said bribery and corruption were worsening in the graft-plagued country, according to a survey, despite government pledges to tackle graft. Eighty per...
‘Hard to implement Shariah laws in Malaysia’

It is "almost" impossible to follow in Brunei's footsteps and introduce Shariah laws in Malaysia, even as crime rates spike in the country, anti-crime...
Datin Paduka Siti Sa’diah Sheikh Bakir KPJ Healthcare

A conversation with Datin Paduka Siti Saadiah, KPJ Healthcare
Corruption costs Indonesia $290m this year

Indonesia has lost 3.3 trillion rupiah, or $289.88 million, due to corrupt practices in the first seven months of 2013, the Anti-Corruption Study Center...
Our Series: Ethics in Business – ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Fair Game’ – Who benefits, really?

A conversation with Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Secretary General, MITI
China says its human rights are at a ‘historic best’

China says its human rights are at a "historic best", yet Uzra Zeya, the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy...

Socrates was known for his quest for genuine knowledge and careful reasoning. He cared very little for mere victory over an opponent. This could...
Datin Paduka KPJ

There are many ethical questions that surround the medical industry. Firoz Abdul Hamid talked to KPJ's Datin Paduka about her views on ethics in medical practice.

What role does ethics play in business and what should it entail? Questions that our columnist Firoz Abdul Hamid is seeking to answer in her new column on Investvine.

In corrupt societies where economic freedom is limited, entrepreneurs can game the system and bypass inefficient policies to the benefit of their business. Until these benefits dissipate.

In what is seen as a landmark victory against Wall Street Corruption, Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty yesterday on all counts of fraud and...

Sentences were handed down today in one of Dubai’s most compelling cases of business fraud in years.  Six executives with the Dubai Islamic Bank...