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Yuan set to end US dollar dominance in Cambodia

The National Bank of Cambodia and the People’s Bank of China announced that they – for the first time – have introduced an official...
Philippine peso region’s worst performing currency, more downside seen

The Philippine peso on August 14 sailed through the 51:1 barrier against the US dollar, a value not seen since August 2006, bringing about...
Malaysia’s inflation climbs to over 5%, highest in eight years

Amid a recovery in the ringgit exchange rate to the US dollar, Malaysia's annual inflation rate is expected to have risen to 5.3 per...
Malaysia’s ringgit hit hard amid geopolitical changes

Malaysia's currency slid to levels last seen during the Asian financial crisis in 1998, reaching 4.4438 to the US dollar in November 23 trading...
Myanmar struggles to control tumbling currency

Myanmar's central bank has increasing difficulties to prevent the depreciation of the country's currency, the kyat, which has reached new record lows these days. The...
Myanmar kyat drops further after election

Hopes that the Myanmar elections would prompt the country's currency to stabilise haven proven false. Although the kyat gradually strengthened for several weeks ahead...
Malaysian ringgit at lowest level in decades

The ringgit weakened the most last week in Asia against the US dollar, reaching a level it last saw in two decades, ending trade...
Indonesia rupiah hits 17-year low on slowing economy

Indonesia's rupiah dropped to a 17-year low against the US dollar on June 4, pressured by slowing economic growth and high inflation in Southeast...
Vietnam cuts dong rate to US dollar by 1%

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) on June 18 announced the decision to adjust the exchange rate between the Vietnam dong and the US...
China, Singapore allow direct renminbi trading

China and Singapore have agreed to allow direct trading between each other's currency, Singapore's central bank said on October 22. The move, along with other...
Cheapest country worldwide to buy an iPad: Malaysia

Malaysia is presently the cheapest country to buy an Apple iPad, the new iPad index by Australia-based brokerage CommSec released on September 23 revealed. The...
Vietnam forced to readjust dong-dollar rate again

The Vietnamese central bank on August 7 increased the dollar’s buying price to 21,100 dong from 20,826 dong it had maintained since late June...
Myanmar kyat in free fall

Myanmar's currency, the kyat , has been hitting consecutive record lows over the past weeks, raising concerns about the stability of the country's fiscal...
China Yuan

China’s currency, the yuan, is becoming increasingly popular among Gulf countries in trade transactions because of China’s growing economic influence and uncertainties surrounding other major currencies.