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All working expats in Indonesia now required to learn local language

A new decree by Indonesia President Joko Widodo that is set to take effect on June 26 has caught many expat businesses and domestic...

Are you having the urge to relocate to a place where you can enjoy a dynamic urban lifestyle in a safe, modern 21st-century environment,...
Vietnam mulls over leasehold extension for foreigners to 99 years

Following the footsteps of Singapore and Malaysia in successfully boosting their housing markets for expats, the Vietnamese government considers an extension of the leasehold...
Expats in Myanmar worried by draconian residency regulations

New draft laws that introduce tight regulations for foreigners working in Myanmar are rattling the country's fast growing expat community and have already triggered...
Cambodia to introduce three-year visa for expats

Cambodia is expanding its unusually permissive visa regime and will soon issue three-year multiple-entry visas to entice more long-stay visitors and expats to the...
How to invest in Philippine property: A guide for foreigners, expats and OFWs

Acquiring property in the Philippines, whether it’s a completed condominium or an off-plan unit, is fairly straightforward for foreigners and expats. You just need...
Singapore, Thailand, Philippines top Asian expat destinations

Expat resource website InterNations has revealed the best – and worst – places for expats globally. Their annual “Expat Insider” study aims to rank...
Yangon now costlier for expats than Paris, Abu Dhabi, San Francisco

With ultra-high rents and stiff prices for utilities, clothes, transport and entertainment, Yangon has made it up in the list of costliest cities for...
Asian cities becoming costly for expat workers

Asia has become one of the most expensive regions for people working abroad, according to a new survey, with its major cities accounting for...