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Myanmar exports drop by $170m

Myanmar's export value has dropped by $170 million in April 2014 compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce...
Vietnam’s fruit exports to hit record high in 2014

Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports will likely reach a record $1.2 billion by the end of this year. The projection came after a 32.2%...
Malaysia’s exports up 12.2% in January

Malaysia's exports rose 12.2 per cent to 63.97 billion ringgit ($19.68 billion) in January 2014 while imports rose 7.2 per cent to 57.62 billion...
Vietnam’s trade surplus with EU at $13.5 billion

Vietnam registered a trade surplus with the European Union of $13.5 billion out of a total bilateral trade of $19 billion in the past...