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Surprise: Philippine growth suffers sharp slowdown in first quarter

In a rare slowdown of its otherwise over the past years strongly accelerating economy, the Philippine's GDP growth surprisingly fell to a three-year low...
Thai trade slumps most in four years

Thailand announced a slump in trade figures on February 25 with the biggest drop in imports in more than four years in January 2014,...
Vietnam stocks expected to rise 10% by year-end

Vietnam's stock index VN Index is poised to rally about 10 per cent by year-end as inflation slows and exports grow, according to the...
Indonesia Shopping

Southeast Asia's biggest economy, Indonesia, grew by 6.17 per cent in the third quarter of 2012, the eighth quarter of growth above the 6...

Japan’s rising demand for expensive mineral fuels has resulted in a hefty increase in two-way trade with GCC countries, according to latest figures. Trade between...