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Thailand cracks down on Facebook users

As the government braces for more political protests this week, police in Thailand have charged four people with causing panic by spreading rumours of a...
Nokia unveils 41-megapixel camera phone

Nokia has just released the best camera phone on the market. The Lumia 1020 smartphone went on sale last week and features a 41...
Singapore charges cartoonist for mocking officials

The government of Singapore has charged a political cartoonist that lampoons Singaporean officials on Facebook with contempt of court. The cartoonist, Leslie Chew, operates...
Squeeze-out in cyberspace: Facebook vs. ASEAN social media

Southeast Asians love Facebook. Indonesia has 64 million total Facebook users, Bangkok is the city with the most Facebook users per capita and Vietnam...
Malaysia: An ASEAN tech hub?

Listen up Malaysians: If you find yourself hankering for the latest Apple gadget, it turns out you don’t have to look far for a...
Indonesia’s president scores high on social media

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made it to a celebrity on Twitter where he has gained nearly 2.7 million followers as of July 6...
Silicon valley firms at odds with Singapore

New online content rules in Singapore have promted five Silicon Valley-based web giants to voice their concern to the city state's government about a...
Thailand’s internet users set to double

Far from being a land of ascetic Buddhist norms, today Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the region. As of July...
Ten radical tips to protect data privacy

After Forbes Magazine presented a list of "10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Privacy" that has been much sneered...
Our series: Ethics in Business – Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?

Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?
German ad-bidding platform comes to SE Asia

Berlin, Germany-based ad bidding platform Sociomantic has opened its first office in Southeast Asia in Singapore and will launch its regional arm on July...
ASEAN leaders use social media on haze issue

Leaders of haze-affected countries in ASEAN, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, took to social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to find a...
DreadOut: Indonesia’s indie survival horror videogamevideo

A third-person survival horror videogame developed by Indonesian developer Digital Happiness has received the green light after surpassing its funding goal of $25,000 on...
Thailand falls for e-commerce through tablets

Launched as a classifieds site 14 years ago, today Tarad is Thailand’s largest e-commerce portal, acting as a platform for countless SMEs in the...

Google said on June 12 it has acquired map-software provider Waze Inc. seeking to keep competitors such as Facebook and Apple from eroding its...
Jakarta is Twitter capital of the world

While Bangkok is the global number one city in terms of Facebook users, Jakarta has fallen in love with Twitter: Indonesia's capital contributed about...
3G can revolutionise media-savvy Thailand

The long-awaited upgrade to the fast mobile network standard 3G due to be implemented in early 2013 will revolutionise the digital market in Thailand, already a top media consumer in the Asia-Pacific region, Justin Calderon learned.

A massive growth of social media users in Thailand has made Bangkok the "Facebook capital of the world", according to statistics by, a...