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Vietnam to cooperate with Qatar in food security

Vietnam and Qatar have decided to work closer in the field of food security as the Middle East country is looking for new import...
Thailand boosts organic farming

Thailand made another step forward in its aim to increase the share of organic farming in its agriculture sector as 20 northeastern provinces signed...
Thailand spearheads regional push towards organic agriculture

Thailand is establishing itself as a driving force for a push towards organic agricultural products within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN,...
Myanmar farmers enter modern age with 3D printing technology

Farmers in Myanmar, notoriously under-equipped with agricultural tools, made a virtue out of necessity of deploying 3D printing technology to create bespoke parts the...
Malaysia facing severe labour shortage after foreign worker ban

The Malaysian industry suffers from a severe shortage of manpower two months after the government decided to suspend the recruitment of new foreign workers....
A Muslim community in Bangkok that lives the self-reliant way

Nong Chok is the biggest and least populated district of Bangkok, traversed by canals that since the early days are used for transport and...