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Feed-in tariff

Southeast Asia’s energy hunger needs to be stilled

The Asian energy ministers’ meeting, the Fifth Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable held on September 12 in Seoul and co-hosted by South Korea and Qatar,...
Brunei takes the renewable energy path

The Sultanate of Brunei announced on September 9 announced that it will introduce a feed-in tariff model for renewable energy in the nation in...
Thailand sets radical targets for solar energy

The Thai government has said that it aims to build 3,000 megawatts of solar power capacity by 2021, 50 per cent more than previously...
Contracting with the Philippines’ green ambitions

The Philippines has outlined an ambitious energy plan to generate 15,000 megawatts from renewable energy by 2030, or half of the projected supply. There...
Thailand on ambitious solar power push

With an official government development plan due in June 2013, Thailand is set to retain its reputation as ASEAN’s most aggressive developer of solar...