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Ferdinand Marcos

Duterte Revisits Idea Of Philippines’ Name Change

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has called for the island nation to be renamed to shed its colonial heritage from Spain. At a speech in...
Finally: Imelda Marcos found guilty of graft, sentenced to prison

The Philippines’ anti-corruption court on November 9 ordered the arrest of former first lady Imelda Marcos (89) after finding her guilty on seven counts...
Rosmah dwarfs Imelda in the kleptocracy department

Malaysian police have seized 284 boxes of designer handbags and 72 bags of cash, jewelry and watches after raiding Kuala Lumpur properties linked to...
Moody’s gloomy about Philippine growth if current problems persists

U.S. rating agency Moody's, which gave its first investment grade rating to the Philippines back in 2013, has warned that President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly...
Philippine president could proclaim martial law nationwide

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got the backing from a Supreme Court decision on July 4 which upholds his authority and discretion to proclaim martial...
Philippines should be renamed to cut colonialism links, lawmaker suggests

Philippine congressman and list representative of the right-wing Magdalo Party, Gary Alejano, brought in a proposal to rename the Philippines in order to ditch...
Duterte won’t rule out martial law if drug problem remains unresolved

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he would consider declaring martial law if the drug problem in the country deteriorates, basically admitting that his...
Marcos opponents want buried dictator’s remains exhumed

Protesters in the Philippines launched legal action on November 21 to exhume the body of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, just three days after his...
Ferdinand Marcos silently buried at Heroes Cemetery

Former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was buried with military honors in a secretive ceremony at the Heroes Cemetery in Taguig in Metro Manila on...
Philippine protesters oppose Marcos’ ‘hero’ burial

Protests took place in the Philippine capital Manila on August 14 over President Rodrigo Duterte's plan to honour the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos with...
Aquino warns of possible return of martial law in the Philippines

Outgoing Philippine President Benigno Aquino on June 12 warned his fellow countrymen and -women of the disastrous era of martial law under late dictator...
Four decades after ‘Thrilla in Manila’: Filipinos pay tribute to Ali

Almost 41 years after one of the most memorable boxing fights ever and arguably one of the best in the sport's history, Filipinos in...
Ferdinand Marcos to get burial at Manila Heroes’ Cemetery

The Philippines' president-elect Rodrigo Duterte will allow the "immediate burial" of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos at a heroes' cemetery in Manila. “I will allow the...
Duterte win could trigger coup in the Philippines

Philippine presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte could possibly be faced with a coup d'etat in case he wins the May 9 election, opponents have warned....
Philippines seeks public help in search for Imelda’s treasures

The Philippine government plans to launch a website next month to collect hints and tips from the public on the whereabouts of about 200...
Long-missing Goya painting found in Imelda Marcos’ collection

A rare artwork by 19-century Spanish painter Francisco de Goya has been found in the collection of Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the...
Obscure life of Philippines’ ex-dictator Marcos exposed

New secret documents revealed by whistleblower platform Wikileaks show the ostentatious display of wealth and the obscure sense of humour of former Philippine President...
The heartbeat of science

Interview with William G. Padolina, top-scientist in the Philippines