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Fighter jets

Sukhoi Su-30SM, the top model of the Su-30 series with with a total weapons weight up to 8,000 kg (Picture: TASS)

Indonesia has offered Austria to buy the European nation’s dated Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet fleet which is...
Laos to buy fighter jets, tanks from Russia

Laos ordered an unknown number of fighter jets and up to 30 army tanks from Russia, with sources in Laos saying the purchase will...
Indonesia to trade palm oil and coffee for Russian fighter jets

In good old COMECON style, Russia will accept payments from Indonesia for Russian-built fighter planes in commodities such as palm oil and coffee, reports...
Malaysia accepts that fighter jets don’t help against IS

Unlike Thailand, which just paved the way to acquire new fighter jets from South Korea for its army, Malaysia has put on hold a...
Myanmar steps up defense industry, buys fighter jets made in Pakistan

Although the military rule in Myanmar is coming to an end, the country has been drastically expanding its defense capabilities in the recent past,...
Philippine army receives $1.77-billion upgrade

The Philippine government is set to spend $1.77 billion for military modernisation projects by 2017 as the country faces a territorial dispute with China. Philippine...
Philippines gets new fighter jets amid South China Sea feud

The Philippines received the delivery of two fighter jets — the country's first supersonic combat aircraft in a decade — as it strengthens its...