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Philippine exchange to approve Shariah-compliant firms

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) in December 2013 will designate its first Shariah-compliant companies, in a bid to keep Muslim savers' money in the...
Malaysia has to face its challenges

There are some strange things going on in Malaysia these days and one has to wonder what the underlying reasons are. First of all, the...
Philippines pushes Islamic finance

The Philippines' central bank has begun pushing several initiatives to develop the Islamic finance sector and encourage financial inclusion of the Muslim minority. "There is...
‘Financial crisis’: Laos stops payment for public projects

Lao Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong said during a special government meeting in Vientiane on September 13 that Laos was running a "high debt level"...
ADB lends Cambodia $70m for reforms

Asian Development Bank (ADB) on August 26 signed loan agreements worth $70 million with Cambodia to expand the country’s rice sector and promote reforms...

Brunei has still to fully develop its Islamic finance sector. There are great opportunities for foreign Islamic banking institutions to forge ties with the Brunei government and its banking institutions in pushing the business.

Barwa Bank, a fast growing young financial institution in Qatar, is taking the sector by storm. After having managed a lot of funding deals recently, the bank is in full swing to become a major player in the region.

The two wealthy Gulf states of Qatar and Bahrain are intensifying their economic relations to ASEAN states. While Bahrain is marketing itself as a...

Despite the global downturn, Sarawak has maintained steady growth over the past few years helping the state to beat predictions and post strong figures. Sarawak’s...