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First Myanmar Investment

Myanmar business tycoon complains about government’s “neglect of economy”

Serge Pun, one of the richest individuals not only in Myanmar, but all over Southeast Asia, on July 6 criticised the government of Aung...
Second listing gives wings to Yangon Stock Exchange

Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH) made a solid debut on May 20 as the second company on Myanmar's Yangon Stock Exchange, spurring a lot...
Myanmar mobile phone concessions: The bidders

Myanmar will grant two concessions for mobile phone providers on June 27, with Qatar's Ooredoo being the most generous bidder with an investment pledge...
Digicel and Soros pledge $9b for Myanmar

Caribbean-based mobile phone firm Digicel, a consortium led by billionaire George Soros bidding on a mobile phone license in Myanmar, said it is ready...