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Vietnam Inks $21-billion Aviation Deals With Boeing, Ge

Two Vietnamese budget airlines signed $20.9 billion worth of deals on February 27 to purchase planes from Boeing and engines from General Electric (GE)...
Bamboo Airways finally takes to the skies

Vietnam’s new private airline, Bamboo Airways, will commence commercial flights on January 16 after repeated delays, the company said in a statement to news...
Vietnam’s new Bamboo Airways can finally take off

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport on November 12 officially granted an aviation business license to Bamboo Airways, the latest airline in the country to take...
Bamboo Air set to disrupt Vietnam’s busy airspace

Bamboo Airways, a new airline in Vietnam launched by property developer FLC Group, is set to compete in one of Southeast Asia’s busiest aviation...
Bamboo Airways to become Vietnam’s next private carrier

Vietnamese real estate, investment and business service conglomerate FLC Group, based in Hanoi, will launch a new domestic carrier called Bamboo Airways which could...