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food exports

Vietnam to cooperate with Qatar in food security

Vietnam and Qatar have decided to work closer in the field of food security as the Middle East country is looking for new import...

Japan, a country that is currently pursuing a foray into the global halal industry, is experiencing strong interest for the country’s first-ever halal fund,...
Philippines lags behind in foods exports

The Philippines is behind its ASEAN peers when it comes to food exports, the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organisation (Philfoodex) said in a...
Philippines and GCC explore investment

A road show organised by the Arab-Philippine Business Summit (APBS), held on February 4 in Cebu City and on February 5 in Manila, has...

Brazilian exports to Arab countries are at an all-time high, due mainly to food exports.  Middle Eastern countries bought $4.1 billion worth of goods...