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Philippines ‘must improve food production standards’

With increasing demand, both global and regional, for agricultural products, safety in food production is one of the most urgent issues that the Philippines...
Thai investment in Myanmar slowing down

Thailand's investment in Myanmar has started to lag behind other countries, and is likely to drop from second highest for accumulated value in Myanmar’s...
Thailand, Singapore forge closer trade ties

Thailand and Singapore will trade off their strengths to boost commerce and investment ahead of thedawning of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015,...

Happy days are here again for the tuna industry in the Philippines. Last year, a ban on yellowfin tuna fishing was lifted in a...

Indonesia, the largest economy and the most populous country in Southeast Asia, is opening up for more oil-related investments. The country needs new oil refineries to meet the domestic demand of its ever-growing population.

The Philippines is behind its ASEAN peers when it comes to food exports, the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organisation (Philfoodex) said in a...

Thai companies are looking at investment opportunities on the Philippine island of Cebu, it emerged during a meeting between the Thai Trade Advisor Group...