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Ford Motor Company

US car maker Ford Motor Company finally decided to set up an assembly plant in Cambodia for the production of its Ford Ranger and...

US car company Ford Motor and Danish toymaker Lego are planning to make substantial investments in Thailand and Vietnam, respectively, in the coming years...
Toyota, Mitsubishi threaten to pull out production from the Philippines

Top Japanese automakers in the Philippines are threatening to shift production to cheaper Southeast Asian countries as the government drags its feet on a...
Four car makers eyeing Philippines for manufacturing

The Philippine's robust economic growth and an expanding market for cars have triggered interest from four auto companies looking to put up manufacturing plants...
Ford announces record sales in ASEAN

US car maker Ford Motor Company, whose Southeast Asian headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand, announced on January 9 that overall retail sales for the...
Ford opens first showroom in Yangon

Ford Motor Co on October 4 officially opened its first authorised dealership in Myanmar in Yangon, joining a number of other carmakers to enter...
Ford to shift Fiesta production to Thailand

US carmaker Ford will shift the entire production of its Fiesta compact car from its plants in Mexico and India to Thailand by 2016...
Ford rolls into Myanmar’s car market

US carmaker Ford Motor Company announced on April 30 that it will start selling its car and truck lineup in Myanmar, joining a number...
Philippines lags in vehicle production

Motor vehicle production in the Philippines is a lot slower that in many of its Southeast Asian neighbours, despite production rose in the first...
Photoblog: 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show

Thailand is the center of the Southeast Asian car industry and the fifth biggest vehicle producer in Asia. A fact that makes the Bangkok International Motor Show a big draw for the entire industry - and also for Inside Investor.
President Aquino

There is a lot of talk about the Philippines becoming the next success story for business and investment in Southeast Asia, based on assumptions the country might have overcome its damaged economic culture.

The world's second largest car maker, Ford Motor Company, has announced that it will close its assembly plant in Santa Rosa in the Philippines...