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Foreign investment in Myanmar totals $46.71b

Myanmar attracted $176 million in foreign investment last month, bringing the nation 's total contracted foreign investment to $46.71 billion as of June 2014...
Myanmar receives over $4b foreign investment

Myanmar obtained $4.107 billion foreign investment in the fiscal year 2013-14 which ended in March, up from $1.4 billion in 2012-13, local media quoted...
Myanmar received $34.2b in foreign investments

Over the past 25 years, Myanmar received a total of $34.2 billion's actual foreign investment flow into the country, state media reported on January...
Deloitte Consulting to enter Myanmar

US-based Deloitte Consulting which are giving consulting services in South East Asia countries is planning to make investment in Myanmar, sources say. A representative from...
Myanmar investments jump fivefold

Investment into the newly opened economy of Myanmar have increased fivefold between the fiscal years 2011/12 and 2012/13, ending in March, the country's president...
Myanmar gets one-stop investment shop

Investors, both foreign and domestic, can use a one-stop service center in Yangon as of April 10, according to the Myanmar Directorate of Investment...
Myanmar allows private pharma firms

The Myanmar Investment Commission has permitted joint investment for manufacturing of household medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical equipments and traditional medicines in the country for foreign...
Vietnam leads investment in Laos

Vietnam has been recognised as the top source of foreign direct investment to the small landlocked nation of Laos, with mining being the most...
Investors drawn by Myanmar agriculture

Foreign investors from Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are seeking agriculture investments in Myanmar after the country has issued its new foreign investment law,...
Mining block permits issued in Myanmar

Myanmar’s lucrative mining sector is due to issue new gem permits from the Ministry of Mining at 1 million kyat ($1,167) per gem mine...
Myanmar to reform investment body

A new set of reforms drafted for the Myanmar investment law includes a proposal to transform the Myanmar Investment Commission from a government-appointed body...
Myanmar gives clearer path to investors

The Myanmar government on January 31 released bylaws to its foreign investment law, clarifying specific conditions for the entry of foreign capital in various ...
Tourist income surges 70% in Myanmar

Myanmar’s transformation into a coming-of-age tourist hub seems to be set on course. An influx of visitors has made the tourism industry one of...
Myanmar seeks to solve housing shortage

The Myanmar government is seeking bids for several housing projects with up to 120,000 apartments in Yangon. The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has...
Strand Rangoon

A 45 per cent surge in visitor arrivals in the September 2011 to 2012 period has boosted the hotel sector in Myanmar's business capital...
Map Myanmar

Read the new Myanmar Foreign investment Law in its first unofficial English translation and check the pros and cons of investing in ASEAN's newly opened "goldmine" by weighing regulations and exemptions.
Myanmar ATM

The world's largest credit card company, Visa Inc, has signed agreements with three private banks in Myanmar – Kanbawza, CB and Myanmar Oriental –...

Myanmar's president Thein Sein finally signed the new foreign investment law on November 2 closely ahead of the Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM), to be held...