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Foreign workers

All working expats in Indonesia now required to learn local language

A new decree by Indonesia President Joko Widodo that is set to take effect on June 26 has caught many expat businesses and domestic...
Singapore job market declined for the first time in 14 years

Singapore's total working population, excluding foreign domestic workers, shrank for the first time since 2003 by an estimated 10,700 last year, according to preliminary...
East Timor to send maids to Malaysia

Following Indonesia's decision to stop sending female household workers abroad, East Timor says it is ready to let its women work as domestic maids...
Malaysia facing severe labour shortage after foreign worker ban

The Malaysian industry suffers from a severe shortage of manpower two months after the government decided to suspend the recruitment of new foreign workers....
Malaysia shuts door to all foreign workers – source countries confused

The Malaysian government in a sign of distress as a result of slowing economic growth and a tightening job market in the country surprisingly...
Singapore growth forecast cut ahead of historic elections

Economists are less upbeat about the growth outlook for the Singapore economy this year and have moderated their growth expectations for several sectors, according...
Singapore at 50: Well done, but challenges ahead

Singapore just became 50 - a time span that saw the small city state transform from third world to first in record speed. The...
Brunei’s brain drain revised

The debate on Brunei’s brain drain has again hit a feverish pitch since Hardware Zone published a post entitled “Very severe brain drain as...
How can Qatar beef up its appeal for foreign workers?

An easy question, it seems: Pay them a multiple of what they would earn at home. That’s true, but does only apply to highly-skilled...