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Fort Bonifacio

Ferdinand Marcos to get burial at Manila Heroes’ Cemetery

The Philippines' president-elect Rodrigo Duterte will allow the "immediate burial" of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos at a heroes' cemetery in Manila. “I will allow the...

The Philippines has been the scene of what can be called a “social revolution” in recent years. Spurred by the growth of new industries...
Manila’s tale of two cities: Where rich and poor coexist

When Marc walks out of his Makati neighborhood, a cramped warren of squat slum dwellings in West Rembo, the view he sees could not...
“Philippine construction industry needs to catch up”: Robinsons Land Corp.

Investvine talked to Frederick D. Go, President and COO of Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), one of the Philippines’ largest real estate developers and operator...
Philippines seen to lead growth in ASEAN real estate market

The Philippines is expected to lead the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in terms of growth and development in the real estate market...
Manila: Robinsons Land to overtake Ayala in office space

In the heart of Manila’s Ortigas Center, along a street of tightly stacked skyscrapers, an industrial lift crawls up the side of the city’s...
Filipino billionaire constructing vanity mansion

In the Philippines, a property development scion has added some eye-popping flare to the conventional definition of narcissism. Robbie Antonio, the 36-year-old managing director of...
Philippine growth too much to power?

The Philippines’ national energy plan will have to be rethought if the country continues to maintain its current clip of economic growth, a high-level...
Manila starved for urban renewal

Long-term urban renewal plans are desperately needed in Metro Manila, a metropolitan agglomeration of nearly 13 million, if the Philippine capital is to stave...
Surviving manic Manila

The Philippine capital of Manila has earned itself an unsavoury reputation as a hotbed of violence and criminality. For foreigners doing business or moving to this sprawl of a city, some ground-up knowledge can be your most invaluable asset.
Ayala stokes Philippines’ building boom

Philippines-based Ayala Land, the real estate arm of the Ayala Corporation conglomerate, has announced the opening of four new retail venues amid a greater...
Fort Bonifacio: Manila’s alluring anomaly

The youngest district in the vast patchwork of cities that make Metro Manila says the most about the developmental progress of the Philippine capital region today. Justin Calderon shares his first impressions.

A $316-million lot in Manila’s upscale neighbourhood of Fort Bonifacio has opened up to local and foreign bidders, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority...